Is Press Release Without Being Penalized by Google?

Press release isn’t a new term that you might have come across, a lot of business or brands publish a press release on their site to gain digital visibility in the search engine. Google and other search engines used press releases to rank the pages, which made them popular with people who wished to increase their SERPs.

The SEO-friendly press release was considered as the fastest way to increase the site’s authority and backlinks. However, people tend to find some loopholes to enhance their site’s SERPs using poorly-written press releases. Google and other search engines started to penalize sites for creating a purely SEO-friendly press release, most people had to take down their press release to recover their site’s ranking.

Here’s a list of things to avoid while doing a press release to avoid Google penalty:

Have some genuine news

Press releases were meant to have some news in them, it might be difficult to classify what’s news and what isn’t, with so many public interest magazines, niche blogs, and much more. It’s suggested that you make your press release a newsworthy content, which might interest others and eventually help you get a lot of backlinks when a post is published on your press release.

Have a few links

People tend to stuff press releases with a lot of links, however, it might be ideal to have 3 links or lesser than that. It’s recommended that you insert a link only when it’s absolutely necessary, don’t insert a link in your press release just for the sake of doing it. Some use call-to-action in their press release, while some tend to link your product or service with a backlink.

Have nofollow links

The Google and other search engines don’t count your link when you make your link nofollow and help your site to get more visitors. People will notice the nofollow links in your press release which is published in a viable source. You’ll not be penalized by Google search engine when you make your link nofollow.

Use different anchor text

Most people tend to use the same keywords and anchor text, it’s recommended that you don’t make the same mistake. Using the same keywords and anchor text might do more harm rather than good to rank your keywords, search engines will consider it to be used for the illegitimate purpose to link building. Your keywords and backlinks are preserved without penalty when using different anchor text and keywords.

Reduce old links

Overly optimized press release may be doing much damage to your site than good, it’s recommended that you remove the old links which might be affecting your ranking without your knowledge. It might be almost impossible to remove links when you have spread your press release all over the internet.

It’s suggested that you don’t write a press release when you don’t have any news to write about. Press releases are much valuable than a few backlinks, it’s suggested that you make the best use of press releases without being penalized by the search engine.