What Matters More: Backlinks Quality or Quantity?

How content is the heart of any website like the backlinks are the backbone of every website. But the debate is whether the quality backlinks matter or quantity one.

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There is no need to worry about the number of backlinks that your website have.

On the contrary, remaining percentage of marketers is voting for the quantity of backlinks. They are not bothering about the quality of backlinks when compared to the quantity.

What’s your opinion about this? Let’s see which matters more in the upcoming section. Before jumping into the topic “what matter more: backlink quantity vs. backlink quality let me explain a little about backlinks.

Backlinks!!! What is it? It’s a link that is coming from another website to your website. It can come from anywhere such as from directories, social media, blogs, and so on. But, the most common form of backlinks is from websites that are relevant to your niche and from blog posts.

If you’re having quality backlinks on your site, then your site will get some authority and there may be an increase in the rankings. This will result in driving more traffic to your site and leads so you can see a dramatic increase in your ROI.

This is what all marketers want, right. In which you’ll focus (quality or quantity)? Let’s discuss the ins and outs of each side and will come to an end.

Quality Backlinks

Quality Backlinks

Let’s start with backlinks quality,

What does it mean quality backlinks?

A quality backlink is a link that comes from websites which are high authoritative in the eyes of search engines and users/searchers.

That being said, the high authoritative websites are not only trusted by the search engine robots or crawlers but also by the people who trust and uses the website.

Most of the marketers say that the more trustworthy your site, the higher your domain authority and the better quality link you’ll have.

In order to check the domain authority of your website, you can use tools like Moz, and so on.

The domain authority (DA) of a website is measured within a range of 1 to 100. If a website is having DA of 40+, then it’s good to move on to get links from that website to yours.

What should you consider while building backlinks to your site?

  • Check the website is relevant to your niche and industry
  • Ensure that the domain authority of the website is good
  • Be sure that the website you’re looking for is trusted by the searchers

If the website meets these criteria, then you can get links back to your site.

Alright! Will these links work for your business? Let’s see the pros and cons of building quality backlinks to your site.

Why backlinks are good

High-quality or quality backlinks are good for an apparent reason. This is because they are high in quality. That being said, the high-quality backlinks are good for enhancing the search engine rankings of your site by means of SEO and as well as beneficial for domain authority (DA).

Building high-quality backlinks will keep you away from spammy websites, meaning you no need to build a relationship with spammers. This is what every marketer needs for their link building strategy.

Doing this will boost your rankings and helps to build related backlinks to your website. Moreover, high-quality backlinks are beneficial as you know what you’re exactly getting. It even tells you how quality your link is and it will aid you in generating the traffic you’re dreaming.

All in all, the benefit of building high-quality backlinks is it’s well-worthy for your SEO. This is because the links from high-authority websites are 100% better than other sources.

Now, it’s time to discuss the downside of high-quality backlinks. Let’s read.

Why quality backlinks are bad

The benefit of building high-quality backlinks is good for your SEO, but the downside of building quality backlinks is actually booming.

This is because it takes time to build unless your site is old and authoritative. As we all know that how difficult it is to get a backlink from high-authoritative websites such as Forbes, Success, and Entrepreneur. If you ask yourself or to anyone, most of the answers you’ll get are impossible, right.

This is the problem with the quality backlinks. The more valuable the backlinks are, the much difficult to get it.

In other words, getting quality backlinks is difficult and yes it’s a time-consuming task too.

Most probably, trying to get only high-quality backlinks will reduce the level of high-commitment traffic. Besides, you’ll have only fewer amounts of quality links as you don’t have the time/don’t like to spend the time to build these links more in number.

How can you create high-quality backlinks?

The most effective way to do this is creating infographics and promoting it on social media platforms. It’s quite simple to create an infographic these days as there are so many tools are emerging to make our task easier than ever.

simply hire a freelancer
by Frau Farbissina

The tools that you can use to create an engaging and useful infographic is as follows,

  1. Canva (Free and paid)
  2. Venngage

In case, if you’re poor at designing an infographic or you don’t want to spend time for that, you can simply hire a freelancer from 99designs to do an infographic for you.

But, don’t stop when you create an infographic, instead publish it on social media sites and find blogs similar to your industry. Share your infographic with the relevant audiences by emailing the owners or editors of the blogs related to your site.

The next thing you can do is guest blogging. This is also an excellent way of getting backlinks to your website. To start to find guest blogging sites related to your niche or industry, just follow these methods listed below:

  • Just type in Google “Your Keyword and the word “blogs” at the end”
  • You can search for the following,
    • Keyword “guest post”
    • Keyword “guest post by”
    • Keyword “accepting guest posts”
    • Keyword “guest post guidelines”
    • Keyword “guest author”
    • Keyword “guest article”
    • Keyword “guest column”
  • Use the tool called Followerwonk

Another effective way to build backlinks is engaging and viral content. Yes, if your content is viral and is engaging means, it will help you to get quality backlinks.

There are so many ways to build backlinks to your site and building high-quality backlinks are valuable and well-worthy too. But, the downside it takes a lot of time.

Backlinks Quantity

Now, you’re aware of what backlinks are? What are high-quality backlinks and its upside and downside, right? Now, it’s time to jump on backlinks quantity.

Most of the marketers say that the backlinks quantity matters more than quality. It doesn’t mean that they are building links from spammy websites; instead, they are building links from sites having low to medium domain authority. Even though, the links are low in quality, they can get a massive amount of traffic.

Why is backlinks quantity good?

The reason behind is that it does not take much time to build and helps for high-commitment of traffic. Most probably, it will help to improve the rankings faster on the search engines. This is because the number of referring domains having a positive impact on higher rankings on Google.

You’ve probably noticed that people arguing for the quality of backlinks; but the quantity of backlinks also matters a lot if you’re implementing it correctly.

Why Is Backlinks quantity bad?

Above, we’ve discussed the upside of the backlinks quantity. Here is the downside of it,

As we know that if we’re focussing on the quantity of backlinks, there may be a chance of getting links from the spammy websites. If the links to your site are bad, then it will affect your rankings badly.

Steps for getting quality backlinks

There are lots of ways are available to get quantity backlinks. They are as follows,

The first way is to add testimonials to other websites. Make sure that you’ve given your website links to those testimonials. It might be difficult in finding the websites that are related to your site. One thing you can do is use the tool so-called mention to find the websites that already mentioned you.

Additionally, you can use a tool called BuzzSumo. If you find any of the websites mentioned you, but they didn’t give links back to you, then you can approach them by sending an email to them.

While building a backlink you should be careful to keep you away from spammy websites or spammy backlinks. This is because it might damage your website rankings.


Above we have discussed backlinks and its quality and quantity. Finally, the debate gets over and the answer is both play an equal part in the link building strategy. For some online business, the quality of backlinks will be effective and for some, the quantity will be more effective. Hence, build backlinks that are high in quality and as well as give importance to quantity.

10 Most Common SEO Issues in 2018 Beginner Stage

SEO plays a major role to drive traffic to our online businesses. Hence, it’s quite important to do SEO in a proper way. However, there are some common SEO mistakes which lead to decrease in rankings. In this article, we’ll be looking for the most common SEO issues in a detailed manner.

Issues with Index Management:

One of the most common SEO issues is problems with indexing the websites. Oftentimes, there may be a chance for the devaluation of your website which is due to some issues with Google Indexing. Hence, building links and using “noindex attribute” to prevent robots from crawling your websites isn’t that much simpler.

However, you can see that how many pages of your websites are crawled and indexed. If you search site: example.com, you can see some results describing how many pages from your website are indexed in Google. The problem here is Google indexes your pages even if you place rel=noindex attribute until it recrawl your pages again. In order to avoid this common SEO issues, it’s best to use mention the URLs which you don’t want Google to crawl by means of robots.txt.

Localization Problems:

Following the index management problems, the localization issue is the second common issues in SEO. However, localization is important to international SEO as it aids you to connect your brand to the place by means of words, terms, and behaviors of an audience in a specific region.

Localization Problems

What should you do? Instead of using the generic search term, you should mention the language and terminology of the target audience. Take some time to deal with the localization as our online businesses are running in the language of your audiences. Is localized text will help to increase ROI? Yes, of course. When do the localization issues emerge? Most probably, this will happen when you’re handling websites for multiple languages. In order to prevent you from Panda Penalties, it’s best to provide information with localized text to the foreign users.

Besides, keep in mind to use the hreflang attribute to mention the language for different locations. Make use of the proper website or tool to get the precise country code and location code. Most webmasters including the HREFLang but forgetting to mention the country and location code as this might led Google into trouble and finally the localization issues occur.

Keyword Cannibalization:

The third common issue is the Keyword Cannibalization. There has been some thought like creating multiple pages for the same keyword revolves around everywhere is good from the SEO perspective. Do you think that it will boost SEO? Definitely, no! This is because if you’re creating multiple pages for the same keyword, then it seems like you’re competing yourself for the particular keyword or phrase. Is Keyword cannibalization will impact SEO performances? Let’s see.

Most of you aware of about keyword cannibalization, right. It’s nothing but the pages of your website compete for the same keywords in Google. The most common issues with the cannibalization is as follows,

  • You’re lessening the authority of the page
  • There may be a chance for devaluing your page by Google
  • You’re splitting the links and anchor text to multiple pages, instead to a single page.
  • It will impact negatively on the conversion rate
  • It sends Google and the users the sign of poor page quality

What’s the best way to identify keyword cannibalization? Either you can do it manually, or use the keyword mapping tool to identify the keyword cannibalization. If you’re doing manually, then you should create a spreadsheet which lists out the entire important links of your sites and its associated keywords.

How can you fix the keyword cannibalization? However, there are numerous ways to find out and eliminate the cannibalization issues. Here are few:

  • Restructuring your website
  • Creating new landing pages
  • Use 301 redirects
  • Solve thin content issues by consolidating your content
  • Find new keywords to safeguard you from poor keyword strategy

Fix the keyword cannibalization issue by means of aforementioned methods to boost your SEO performance.

Exceeding the limit of Anchor text usage:

As we all know that the anchor text is the clickable text in a link or hyperlink. Once before the penguin update in the year 2012, it helped Google to find the relevancy of the website. But, nowadays, the effects of anchor text in the eyes of Google changed a lot.

We can use the exact match anchor text before the penguin update was evolved which would positively impact your rankings.

To make this even clear, here is how exactly penguin works,

Your link from external site à Google indexes the link à it places the link in its database for your particular website as mentioning your link profile

After that, it will compare the link profile with your on-page optimization.

For example, if your page is about eyeglasses and most of your anchors are “eyeglasses”, then Google will penalize you.

Why? Google is smart enough to identify whether you’re building links artificially or naturally to rank your keyword. Hence, it can easily identify that you’re trying to rank for eyeglasses by building links artificially.

How to avoid penguin penalty for anchor text? However, there are different types of anchor text include branded, generic, image, low quality, miscellaneous, targeted, topical, and URL. Use the better anchor text to avoid being penalized by Google.

Linking Strategy:

Out of the 10 most common issues, 4 are from on-page issues. However, the 5th issue is from off-page. Nowadays, link building is much needed for every site as it sends the trust and authority of the particular website to the Google. If everything is perfect on your websites like no technical issues, good quality, and valuable content, enhanced user performance and engagement metrics, then building links is easier than ever.

On the contrary, the poor linking strategy will negatively impact on your rankings. While building links to your website, the first thing you should do is avoid over-optimizing the anchor text as over-optimized anchor text will cause Google penalty. The second thing you should focus is targeting other pages instead of main core pages of your website.

Quality of the Affiliate Content:

As we know that “Content is the heart of any website” and we can’t even say no to the popular saying about content “content is king”. Hence, you should pay special attention to the website content as it’s the weapon to let users reach our website. What’s the issue with the low-quality affiliate content? There is no user value if every page of your website is having an affiliate link, right.

The way to achieve success in affiliate marketing depends on the quality of your content. Hence, create good content that aids to increase your ROI and make users buy.

User Performance Metrics:

You’ve probably heard that most of the SEOs don’t focus on user performance metrics. Do you think that it will do a favor for you? Obviously, no! Most of you are not focussing on the useful and valuable content; instead focusing on links that are irrelevant to your site. This will leads to the poor user performance metrics. What can you do? The one best solution is you should focus on converting your prevailing traffic along with increasing your potential traffic accordingly.

User Performance Metrics

Title and Meta Descriptions:

Title and Meta Descriptions both play a major role in SEO. The title describes the user what the page is about and Meta description is about to tell the user what the page will explain in a brief manner. Moreover, the effective Meta description will help to get more clicks. Hope you know the importance of title and Meta descriptions in the SEO. Even though search engines don’t use Meta descriptions to rank a page but it will help from the user’s side. Writing an effective title and description to your page will help to increase the CTR.

Internal Redirects:

Redirecting is more common on the internet. However, there are more 3XX redirects are out there and most commonly, we’re using the 301 redirect to redirect users whenever the page that they’re looking for is not available.

Oftentimes, the 301 redirects will ruin your SEO. If you remove the entire 301s which is not needed, then you’re helping the user to get the information faster and better. However, the redirect issues occur when you have redirect chains, unnecessary 301s, the presence of canonical tags which points to redirected URL.

Pillow links:

First of all, what is called pillow links? Let me explain. Pillow links are links which are used to diversify the anchor text ration. As we know that Google doesn’t like artificial and unnatural links. Hence, it’s best to build natural links instead of making your links to look natural. Building good quality pillow links won’t lead you to catch by Google algorithms such as Panda and Penguin.


Hope you’re aware of the 10 most common SEO issues that will occur due to our carelessness. Resolving these issues will help to see good improvements in SEO. Keep in mind the above SEO issues to prevent you from being into danger and increase the rankings, conversion rate, and much more.

[Updated Jan 2018]