How to Successfully Promote your Infographics in 6 Simple Ways?

How to Successfully Promote your Infographics in 6 Simple Ways

In these days, the internet is loaded with useful information. It’s available either in the form of plain text or images. Most of the business owners and marketers are including the visual content in their plain text to represent their information in an attractive way.

Why infographics play a major role in the content marketing? The reasons are many to include infographics in the content marketing.

This is because it benefits you by means of increasing followers and subscribers, enhanced interaction on your blog, good relationship building, branding, increasing traffic, and much more.

As we know that infographics are becoming more popular and as well as the competition also becoming higher. Hence, the need for the promotion of your infographics emerged.

Promoting your infographics includes various methods which are listed here,

Choice of your topic

The first and foremost thing you should think is that well-made infographics without promotion won’t be useful anyway. What should you do? In order to get the trending content, you can make use of the content creating tool so-called BuzzSumo.

It’s quite easy to search for the trending topics with this tool. For this, you just need to do few simple steps. Just enter your topic into the search bar and you can filter the results by date to get trending topics. Make sure that you pay attention to the number of social shares for each topic. This is because it will help to know how much shares/attention each post gets from social media. All in all, create a useful and informative content to generate long-lasting traffic.

Eye-Catching Infographic Script

Following the interesting topic, you should create an informative content in a more appealing way. Not only the design of an infographics matters but also the content matters a lot. Hence, try to showcase your content in the way the user wants. The killer infographics split into 4 parts:

  • Attention-grabbing headline
  • Short and crispy intro
  • Numerous informative content
  • Include your data sources

Be sure that your infographic answers to each question that your infographic title rose and keep your visual content within 300-400 words.

Publish it in your own blog

Most of the marketers do mistake by not publishing the valuable and well-worthy infographics in the distribution channels. The foremost channel you can go with is your own blog. As we know that, infographics are more likely shared by lots of people when compared to the plain text. Hence, if you refused to use your own blog to promote your infographics, then this is the biggest mistake that you’re doing.

Besides, it’s quite easy to implement this step so don’t forget to implement your infographic in your blogging platform.

Include Social Media Buttons

Your work doesn’t end with creating appealing infographics; instead, it continues with embedding social media sharing buttons. Every marketer would love to get their content (plain-text, images, and infographics) shareable by others. How can you do this? The one best way is to embed the social media sharing buttons beside to your killer infographic which makes the users share content effectively. To do this, you can use a tool such as “AddThis” which is simple to use and helps to complete your task without a mess.

Optimize your Infographics:

The next move you should take is to optimize your infographics for search engines. This is because it’s quite difficult to make the most popular infographic visible in the search engines without proper SEO. Hence, optimize your infographics by means of the following steps,

Filename – Avoid giving some boring and generic title to your infographics by writing a proper and relevant file name to your visual content.

Alt text – Be sure you’ve optimized the alt text of your infographics. This is because Google uses the alt text to find the topics of the infographic. Besides, it’s helpful to know what the infographic is about when the image failed to load in the user’s browser.

Meta description – As like how you’re optimizing the content for search engines with attention-grabbing Meta description, the same step applies here. Make sure that your description is between 135 to 160 characters as the search engines display the description with this character length.

Repurposing your Infographics:

Infographics are an easy way to generate more traffic to your business if you promote it effectively. You can even enhance its usefulness by converting it into various forms like step-by-step guides, slideshows, and so on. Yes, you can repurpose your infographic into slideshows using tools like GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP. It’s an easy tool to use. Hence, create an appealing infographic and repurpose it into slideshows to make your content more discoverable to your target audiences.


When comparing to other data visualizations such as graphs, charts, timelines, and diagrams, infographics play a major role and it provides numerous benefits to you. Due to the increasing competition for infographics, you should pay special attention to make sure the shareability of the infographics. Make use of the aforementioned steps to promote your infographics in a successful manner.

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