What is Files Go by Google?

What is Files Go by Google

Struggling to free up space on your android mobile? Would you like to use the best alternative for a file manager? If yes, try “Files Go by Google” to experience a new feel in managing your files on the go. Let me tell what exactly the Files Go by Google is?

Files Go by Google is a storage manager introduced by Google for the Android users. This newly released android file storage manager is a godsend gift to all the mobile users as it helps to find the files faster and free up the storage space. Besides, it allows sharing files offline effectively in a secure manner.

Why Files Go?

Managing files on our phone are such an annoying task that we’re facing often. We might strike in deleting apps to free up some amount of space because we don’t know which app will free up the needed space for us, right. Now, you can easily overcome these annoying tasks by means of Files Go.

Why Files Go

Google recently released an app so-called Files Go, which is for managing files and freeing up the storage space on your phone.

Once you’ve installed and open the app, you can see the amount of storage used and remaining storage on the home page. Following that, you can see some feeds instructing you to free up space. They are as follows,

  • It lets you know the low-resolution media and memes
  • Duplicate files
  • App cache
  • Large files

Moreover, at the bottom of the app, you can get the files tab which includes downloads, Received Files, Apps, Images, Videos, Audio, and Documents.

Notable Features of the Files Go by Google

Here are the notable features of the Files Go by Google,

Get alerts

This app will notify you when,

  • Your phone storage is low
  • Apps are unused for more 30 days
  • Your downloaded files are taking up more space
  • Duplicate files are taking up more space

Find Files Faster

It allows you to find files faster without even looking for photos, videos, and documents on your phone. It uses filters to find the files which are having low resolution and occupying more space.

Share Files Offline

With this app, you can easily share your files such as pictures, documents, apps, and videos on your phone with others who have installed Files Go on their phone.

Share Files Offline

  • It’s free to share files
  • Save your Mobile data
  • Speed up to 125 Mbps


It’s good at the performance and security level as it takes only 6MB of storage space on your phone. I think it’s not that much big, right. Besides, the most important thing is that it does not have any malware or bloatware to affect your phone.

Secure File Transfer

You might feel that while sharing files through offline will let you face security issues. But, the actual thing is your files will be shared securely with WPA2 encryption. If you’re searching for the best secure file transfer app, then the File Go by Google is best.

Cloud Storage

Want to store files in a safe place forever? With the Files Go, you can back it up your needed files on the cloud or on a Google drive for keeping forever in a safe place. This will help you to back up your photos, documents, and other files even you lost your phone.

Know your Used Storage Space

Worried about finding how much space you’ve used and how much is left on your phone? Don’t feel worse. With this app, you can easily find the used space and free space remaining on your device. Moreover, it allows you to easily transfer files from your phone storage to the SD card from the apps itself.

Free up space on your phone

Have you ever wondered to free up space on your phone in just a few taps? Now, it’s quite easy by means of Files Go. Yes, it allows you to free up as much space on your phone in few taps by deleting memes, old photos from chat apps, removing duplicate files, clearing temporary files, erasing unused apps, and much more.

Clever Recommendations

This app lets you delete the files from your phone before you storage space is running out of memory by providing helpful recommendations for files to delete.

Final Verdict

Use this App to free up the storage space on your phone in just a few taps. Besides, Google reveals that an average person can save space up to 1 GB in a month by using the newly released app by Google. Would you like to try it? Just visit Google Play store and install it to explore File Go by Google.

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