10 Brilliant Entrepreneurs in Marketing to Watch Next Year

Marketing – never mind it is offline or online, the platform requires an experience, creativity and working knowledge professional to execute out the latest trends and technologies to survive in the competitive market. There will be no any shortcuts or any abracadabra to make the path convenient in order to win the market battle to hold the success story.

The smarter marketers in the industry stand firm and successful in the hot lights wherein they are known as brilliant entrepreneurs in marketing. Appending below is the list of few super-smart entrepreneurs who are making extraordinary things possible and stand in the industry in the top ten list.

Will Critchlow, Founder & CEO – Distilled

Will has comprehensive knowledge and in-depth understanding regarding the multifaceted topics that include but not just limited to machines and mathematics. His earlier post with ‘Moz’ just went beyond the superficial layer. In addition, his post with ‘Distilled’, just makes the things blown away with innovative campaigns that make his brand to stay ahead and unique from others. His recent participation in the ‘SearchLove’ Conference just went wild successful and is on the hot topic even now.

Damon Gochneaur, Founder, Aspiro Agency

Damon showed his guts in order to start his own agency and moved it successfully too. He is also indulged in DFWSEM (Dallas-Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing), which is one of the top local search engine marketing organizations in the states.

Eric Enge, CEO, Stone Temple Consulting Corp.

Eric is one of the good, stand-by and gentlemen in the entrepreneur group. He is a strong dedicated personality who delivers amazing content in his write-ups, added to it he had won the prestigious award of Search Marketer of the year from US Search Awards at Pubcon, Las Vegas and the Landy Awards at SMX East, New York.

Steve Rayson, Director, BuzzSumo

Steve is as the Director at BuzzSumo wherein he is also a serial entrepreneur and an investor. When machine learning becomes the most important strategy in the present marketing trend, it is quite important to the marketers to know about the people’s interest in the content. Steve has proved himself in super research on the content strategy topics that gives an accurate result on what set of content do people have interest in.

Daniel Gilbert, CEO, Brianlabs

Staying one-step ahead with Adword Scripts, Automation, Programmatic Advertising unlike others, Daniel loves PPC a lot. He dominates those mathematics intended fields and survives as one of the top authors on Search Engine Land. Having in-depth insights in the field of PPC stuffs that include but not just limited to enterprise PPC, programmatic advertising et al, he continues to be on the top list of brilliant entrepreneurs.

Jenise Henrikson, CEO, Alpha Brand Media

As the renowned publisher of Search Engine Journal, a top search marketing news publication for enhanced innovation in the field, Jenise participates in SEJ Summit Conferences. She also took participate in the successful SEJ Summit Conferences, and she is the woman personality who give loud voice support in marketing.

Michael King, Managing Director, iPullRank

Michael is one of the hard working personalities and he experiences success in operating his own agency.

Pat East, CEO, Hanapin Marketing

Pat deserves the successful execution of Hanapin and he stood behind the success of Hero Conf, which is one of the biggest PPC events in the world.

Brian Dean, Founder, Backlinko

Brian is one among of the few gems who win in the business. He is a smart SEO professional who created amazing video tutorials and content. His ‘infographic featuring data-backed tips for improving your organic click-through rate’ is a remarkable one wherein you need to check it out this.

Wil Reynolds, Founder, Seer Interactive

Wil is one of the favorite speakers for many people. Adding to the big marketplaces that he worked with, Wil has a special corner that does a lot of charitable stuff and helping homeless a lot especially one among in the area of Philadelphia.

Will, Damon, Kindra, Daniel, Eric, Michael, Steve, Jenise, Ginny, Pat, Brian, and Wil are the top leading entrepreneurs in the marketing. The above personalities in the list also inspire most of the young comes to the market, which is the notable point.

Types of Content Referred by the Brilliant Entrepreneurs


Infographic is a two-part combination, which involves data, and design altogether. It is highly shareable, more catchy for eyes to attract immediately, induce more interest to read through with, and more fun to see to the design elements combined there indeed – all these keep the infographic on the pinnacle when compare to a generic text running blog post.


As the next level for an amazing content presentation, it takes the world to an upgraded version with its’ add-on features of more engaging and more interactive than just infographics. Gifographics is the most preferred one among the customer crew n which it is most optimized to use in smartphone displays and also primed for a big impression in the content marketing competition. As it runs on the format of ‘GIF’ which is graphic user interface by default, it receives massive popularity on the web. Websites like Buzz feed started using gifographics for round the clock audience engagement wherein Facebook just started allowing GIFs in its newsfeeds recently. When considering Twitter, it also actually started allowing GIFs in its page source.

Live Streams

With today’s emerging technology, it is as easy and simple to live to stream anything and why not you for your business. UStream was there some time ago but now companies such as Periscope and Meerkat started developing a mix blend of apps, which can be launched at your own finger tap on your smartphone. However, do you have questioned that how does it execute and how can it set the line above the competitors? But it works on high tactical, it urges readers to read the content immediately of watching now compulsion, allows viewers to get involved with and is made ready to share by one tweet.


Content marketers discuss a lot on how to leverage their content, especially when considering target audience and influencers. Not only for content has had had it related also to guest content indeed. A common response from the marketers that we often hear is that “we would love to help, but then we feel swapped, and so can we get in touch with from the base once again from the scratch”.

20 Key Take-out from SEO Meet up 2017 | SEMrush

I have been started attending meetups in India. This is my 2nd meetup which was about SEO myths and fascinating tips to boost organic visibility, Omni-channel content for conversions, and best techniques for local SEO.

It’s a well-organized meetup by SEMrush and the event started at 3.30 pm after everyone had settled in their seats. I feel happy to attend the 2nd SEO meetup by SEMrush as I got a chance to meet numerous digital marketing experts in one place.

SEMrush Game #2 – Keyword Game

The session started with the SEMrush introduction and keyword game. It was really amazing and it’s a chance to enhance our keyword search volume guesses with other attendees like us.

One amazing thing is that SEMrush awarded gifts to those who are all guesses correctly before everyone guesses. Besides, it makes everyone to involve in the game interestingly and as well as it acts a great competitive game between others. Finally, this is a knowledgeable and fun-overloaded game.

Explaining about SEO myths and fascinating techniques to improve organic visibility

Following the SEMrush keyword game, Nitin Manchanda, Global SEO Head at Trivago by profession started explaining his ideas about SEO myths and interesting techniques to improve organic visibility.

During a special 45 minutes session by Nitin Manchanda, he shared key points to enhance organic visibility and SEO myths with the attendees. The notable thing is he often interacted with session members and asked their opinions about the SEO myths that he shared.

Due to this, we can get a mixed ideas and a clear opinion about every myth. Here is a list of SEO myths for you which were shared by Nitin Manchanda,

Myths revealed…

He started explaining his first myth “SEO is a one-time effort”. Following that he shared the following myths,

SEO one time Effort
SEO one time Effort
  1. CTR has no relation with search rankings
  2. Meta tags aren’t any more worth

Here Meta tags include three (Meta title, Meta description, Meta keywords

As we know that Meta keywords tag are no longer worth than before. But, the remaining two has its value in it. Hence, we should write a unique, catchy title, and as well as catchy Meta description said by “Nitin Manchanda”.

Besides, he explained why we should not use Meta Keywords. The reason is that it will led competitors to know your keywords.

The 3rd myth goes here,

  1. Linking from header/footer has the maximum value
  2. Relevancy is the most important factor
  3. Linking the same page multiple times add more SEO value to it

Hence, do not link same pages multiple times

Dont link Same Page Multiple times
Don’t link the Same Page Multiple times
  1. XML sitemap is a ranking signal

[easy-tweet tweet=”Do you think that XML sitemap is a ranking signal? Guess?” user=”keywordspot” hashtags=”#SEMRushmeetup, #SEOMeetup”]

No, right! This is because it lets search engines to know the URLs in your site. But, it impacts indirectly in your rankings. Let’s see the explanation for this question by Nitin Manchanda,

If the XML sitemap is not present, it’s quite difficult to search engine crawlers to know your pages, right. Hence, if you have XML sitemap in your website, then it makes search engines to crawl and index your pages as soon as possible.

Moreover, we can submit our URL through Google Submit URL to let search engines that we have created one page, he added.

  1. Social signals doesn’t add any SEO value

While explaining this myth, he asked everyone their opinion about this and we got some mixed answers. Even though it has no direct value in SEO but it has some impact indirectly.

  1. Paid Search has direct ranking correlation with organic

While everyone is disagreeing this myth, but one of the members of the SEMrush meetup agreed and put his opinion in front of everyone. He did experiment on this and now he is seeing improvements in his project, said by a member of the session.

  1. Header Tags aren’t important from SEO perspective anymore.

What do you think about this Myth? I think you’ll vote for “NO”, right. Yes, we also answered the same. Suddenly, a member from the session stands up and explained “it has impact on user’s perspective” Replying to that person conversation, Nitin Manchanda started explaining its importance as follows

header Tags
Header Tags

“Using header tags improves user experience and lets them to know the level 1 heading, level 2 heading, and so on.

At the end of the Nitin Manchanda (Global Head of SEO at trivago) speech, Julia Aslamova awarded Mr. Saravanan, who got a promo code for a free ticket by his intelligence in asking interesting questions as announced by the SEMrush win a free ticket offer.

Winner Gift awarded
Winner Gift awarded

Here is a list of questions raised by Mr. Saravanan, who is Digital Marketer by Profession.

  1. What is the most intense keyword type in local SEO?

For example, using location in keyword like: “tea stall in Noida”

For example, If I am in Bangalore right now and if I am searching for “mobile app development companies”, then I will get a company which belongs to Bangalore and optimized for Local SEO and if search same thing in Singapore i will get different results.!

  1. How do you manage to get your NEW site ranked among big competitors in your STATE?
  • Publishing high-quality content of good length and adding infographics and videos into it
  • Optimizing content with keywords and optimizing images
  • Improving backlinks profile (Web 2.0, blog commenting, directory submission, social bookmarking, forum and profile links – to increase the number of backlinks) and (guest post & editorial sites – to get the high-quality links).

What else? Let’s drop your thoughts in comments.

  1. What do you prefer the most: Higher rankings on SERP or Better visibility on Social Media?

Both are equal or we can say that it depends: Organic ranking will also give you leads.

Most probably, we can say that it depends on target audience,

Target audience means that the people who are interested in your services or product or would like to buy it.  For example, your company is selling jewelry, so your target audience will be people who are doing job minimum age of 25 years. Hence, you will mostly go with young girls and women because they are more interested in buying such items. And your target will be on business people as well.

Suppose, if you’re selling clothes online and you’re running e-commerce portal for the same. For ranking your e-commerce portal will be tough now because already Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress will be there on top and you can’t compete them at all, and user even won’t go down to 4th and 5th result. In this case, social media promotion will be a better option for you.

Following this session, Jessie Paul, Managing Director at Paul Writer explained Omni-channel content for conversions based on her experience. She shared numerous important points and amongst here are the key takeaways from her speech,

When it comes to content, you should ask the following three questions to yourself,

  • What your content is about?
  • Why should the users read your content?
  • What makes best your content from competitors?

At the end of the session, one member from the SEMrush meetup asked “what is the optimal length for content to be posted on site?

“However, there is no optimal length for a good content and most probably, it depends on the topic you’re going to choose. For promoting products and services, it will be best to prefer videos”, she replied.

Finally, Jaydip Parikh, the CEO of Tej SolPro shared the local SEO techniques. The following list explains his techniques about local SEO,

  1. Google My Business

The first thing you should focus is getting your Google My business page set up.

  1. Local Directories

Here come some examples of local directories,

  1. Just dial
  2. Hot frog
  3. Bing
  4. Rich Snippets

Local Directories

We should reach the 0th position to acquire the featured snippets. Hence, optimize your search engine snippets.

  1. Paid Ads
  2. Voice search

Voice Search

Optimize your business for voice search. However, in these days, most of the users are using voice search to search their products and services on search engines.

  1. Near me

While explaining this “near me” he asked how many of you support agree with this and finally we got mixed answers for this as well.

  1. Barnacle SEO

The most important thing that he revealed is Barnacle SEO. What do you think about Barnacle SEO? Let’s see!!

It’s nothing but linking with big guys to improve your local visibility in the search engines.

The session ended at 5.30 pm and after that we had a group selfie to remember those awesome moments with SEMrush in future. Lastly, members cleared their doubts with the guest speakers by raising questions to them.

What is Files Go by Google?

Struggling to free up space on your android mobile? Would you like to use the best alternative for a file manager? If yes, try “Files Go by Google” to experience a new feel in managing your files on the go. Let me tell what exactly the Files Go by Google is?

Files Go by Google is a storage manager introduced by Google for the Android users. This newly released android file storage manager is a godsend gift to all the mobile users as it helps to find the files faster and free up the storage space. Besides, it allows sharing files offline effectively in a secure manner.

Why Files Go?

Managing files on our phone are such an annoying task that we’re facing often. We might strike in deleting apps to free up some amount of space because we don’t know which app will free up the needed space for us, right. Now, you can easily overcome these annoying tasks by means of Files Go.

Why Files Go

Google recently released an app so-called Files Go, which is for managing files and freeing up the storage space on your phone.

Once you’ve installed and open the app, you can see the amount of storage used and remaining storage on the home page. Following that, you can see some feeds instructing you to free up space. They are as follows,

  • It lets you know the low-resolution media and memes
  • Duplicate files
  • App cache
  • Large files

Moreover, at the bottom of the app, you can get the files tab which includes downloads, Received Files, Apps, Images, Videos, Audio, and Documents.

Notable Features of the Files Go by Google

Here are the notable features of the Files Go by Google,

Get alerts

This app will notify you when,

  • Your phone storage is low
  • Apps are unused for more 30 days
  • Your downloaded files are taking up more space
  • Duplicate files are taking up more space

Find Files Faster

It allows you to find files faster without even looking for photos, videos, and documents on your phone. It uses filters to find the files which are having low resolution and occupying more space.

Share Files Offline

With this app, you can easily share your files such as pictures, documents, apps, and videos on your phone with others who have installed Files Go on their phone.

Share Files Offline

  • It’s free to share files
  • Save your Mobile data
  • Speed up to 125 Mbps


It’s good at the performance and security level as it takes only 6MB of storage space on your phone. I think it’s not that much big, right. Besides, the most important thing is that it does not have any malware or bloatware to affect your phone.

Secure File Transfer

You might feel that while sharing files through offline will let you face security issues. But, the actual thing is your files will be shared securely with WPA2 encryption. If you’re searching for the best secure file transfer app, then the File Go by Google is best.

Cloud Storage

Want to store files in a safe place forever? With the Files Go, you can back it up your needed files on the cloud or on a Google drive for keeping forever in a safe place. This will help you to back up your photos, documents, and other files even you lost your phone.

Know your Used Storage Space

Worried about finding how much space you’ve used and how much is left on your phone? Don’t feel worse. With this app, you can easily find the used space and free space remaining on your device. Moreover, it allows you to easily transfer files from your phone storage to the SD card from the apps itself.

Free up space on your phone

Have you ever wondered to free up space on your phone in just a few taps? Now, it’s quite easy by means of Files Go. Yes, it allows you to free up as much space on your phone in few taps by deleting memes, old photos from chat apps, removing duplicate files, clearing temporary files, erasing unused apps, and much more.

Clever Recommendations

This app lets you delete the files from your phone before you storage space is running out of memory by providing helpful recommendations for files to delete.

Final Verdict

Use this App to free up the storage space on your phone in just a few taps. Besides, Google reveals that an average person can save space up to 1 GB in a month by using the newly released app by Google. Would you like to try it? Just visit Google Play store and install it to explore File Go by Google.

What is Google Data Studio?

Introduction to the Google Studio:

Don’t you like to work with spreadsheets? But, wondering how to show your digital marketing effort to your clients? If so, Google Data Studio is here to help you. Now, you can create brandable and easy-to-understand reports to show your digital marketing effort to your clients in the way they are able to understand. Besides, you can also easily share the reports to everyone with whom you want to see this. By means of Google Data Studio’s share option, you can make users either to view the report or to edit the report.

How do Google Data Studio Work?

Google Data Studio is really a godsend gift for every digital marketer. It lessens their time and effort by allowing them to create and transform data into visual in a more understandable way. Moreover, it’s quite easy to use and the way it works is as follows,

Google Data Studio works by means of synchronizing with your Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google data, and much more. After creating the report or transform your data into a visual report, you can share with your clients and team members to make them understand what’s happening in your digital marketing effort. Once you’ve started creating reports with this platform, you can see numerous templates to use from. But, it’s best to use the blank template to create your first report as the built-in templates come up with many features and require time to cut-off. Moreover, if you choose the blank template, you can easily customize your report based on your specifications.

Here is the Basic Workflow of Data Studio,

 Basic Workflow of Data Studio

This describes that,

This platform first connects to the single dataset and then allows transforming those data into a visual manner. Finally, you can share it with your clients, group of users, and collaborate in a real time.

Things to Consider When you are Using Google Data Studio:

There are more things that you need to consider while using this platform. However, the first thing you should look is whether you can connect to your data source easily or not. You can get more visualization on this platform and you are able to apply various dimensions and metrics without a mess. Besides, it allows you to create your custom metrics that you want.

The most awesome thing about Google Data studio is it’s absolutely free to use and you can create reports as much as Things to Consider When you are Using Google Data Studioyou want.

The second beauty of this platform is its customization. Yes, it allows you to customize the reports in the way you need and as well as there is no restriction for using the canvas. Drag your items anywhere you want on the canvas of the Google Data Studio.

Did you know? This platform even allows the digital marketers to make their report better than ever by changing the format and style options of Google Data Studio.

With this awesome platform, there is no need to spend most of your time in creating visual data in various forms such as bar graph, line graph, pie chart, and so on. This is because it comes up with built-in charts so you just need to select and drop it on the canvas.

There are numerous connectors can be used on this platform such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, BigQuery, YouTube, MySQL or cloud SQL databases.

The most amazing feature of the Data Studio is it allows the users to create as many tables and charts they want. Like amazing feature of the Data StudioGoogle spreadsheets, you can share this studio report to everyone and as well as you can grant view and edit permissions consequently.

Unlike Google Analytics, the Google Data Studio is not using API so you can easily get access to your entire GA data easily at once.

Can I import information from social channels with the help of Google Data Studio? Why not? You can easily import any information you want from social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. But, the thing is you should pull the entire information from a Google Spreadsheet. Once you’ve entered the extracted information on the Google sheets, you can easily pull the data by means of Google data studio.


Building a visualized report becomes easy with the Google Data Studio. Turn your head towards to this platform to save your time in creating an understandable report with some other messy tools. Use this platform to create visualized data within a short time.