6 Types of Visual Content That Gets the Most Links and Shares

6 Types of Visual Content That Gets the Most Links and Shares

Content is becoming more popular in the digital marketing world. Moreover, search engines are giving more importance to the content as it’s easily traceable by the search engines. Why does the content marketing? It helps to grab the user’s attention through various ways. In order to get most natural links and shares, your content should be unique, informative, and engaging to the users.

Here are the 6 types of visual content that get the most links and shares,


We all know that the popular saying “An image is better than thousand words”, right. Hence, if your content enriched with images, then there may be a chance for getting more links and shares.

Alright! What kind of images can you use in your content to get more shares? Let’s read!

Image with Quotes: Images with any quotes includes motivational, humorous, and educational quotes play well in your content and makes users share more.

Along with this, you can also include puzzles and questions in your content as it will help to get more shares and links. This is why we always would like to challenge our friends and families, right.

According to the recent study, the article which is having images gets more links and shares than the one which is not containing any images.

Hopefully, you don’t want to miss out those shares, right. Let’s read further.


The screenshot is the second visual content that plays a great role in the content marketing. If your content is containing screenshots, then it’s quite easy to attract users towards your products and services. This is because, with the help of the screenshot, you can easily increase their trust and eagerness towards your online businesses.

For example, if you’re searching for an app either in the iOS store or Google Play store, you can see the screenshots of the app. By seeing the app screenshots, you’re able to know what about that particular app and its uses. By this way, you can gain user trust towards you if include visual content along with the plain-text.


We’re seeing in a real-time how well the Memes are playing around everywhere in the world. When comparing to the initial stage of Memes, it’s becoming more viral in these days amongst all people. Nowadays, it’s taking a great part in the digital marketing to reach the target audiences with great engaging content. Make sure that the memes you’re creating are useful in any way to boost your online business.

Slides and Presentations

Do you believe that slide and presentations help you to get the most links and shares? Definitely, yes, right! At first, the roles of the slides are limited and it was used in the boardroom. But, in these days, the slides and presentations play a major role to increase the brand awareness and as well to grab the attention of the target audiences.

There are sites which will help you to create slides and presentations in simple steps and you can easily share those presentations with others on platforms include slideshares.net, and so on.


Infographics! What is it? Information is in the form of images, right. We all know that people would like to read content that is more attractive and engaging. It’s true that the infographics are getting shared by 90% of users. Hence, it’s a great way to promote your business in the online world.

You should pay more attention while creating and promoting your infographics. Choose the trending topic and create an infographic with an attractive title and informative content between 300 to 400 words.

Make sure that the design of your infographic is quite attractive and as well as the content. While promoting it, be sure to optimize it for SEO and share your infographics through various channels. Learn more how to promote your infographics effectively in 6 simple ways.

Video Content

The final visual content that helps to increase the shares and links is video content. We all know that how well the video content is playing amongst all. Hence, if you’re using this visual content in your content marketing strategy, then the success is with you. Keep in mind that your video should be informative, engaging and educational to your target audiences.

You can create different types of videos include how-to videos, demonstrations, explainer videos, and so on.

Final Thoughts

Hope, now you’ve understood that which type of visual content plays a major role in increasing the brand outreach of your online businesses. Try implementing these 6 types of visual content to get the most links and shares.

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