3 Must-Know International SEO Tips

  • April 20, 2018
  • SEO
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Are you willing to expand your business to the far ends of the world? It can be possible when you execute just about everything right from your brand awareness to promoting your business to potential customers. It might be a dream come true for some when their business spreads across the globe while it might remain as a dream for many.

It’s recommended that you have a strategy to spread your business other than your neighborhood. The first step to spread your business would be to invest in your website and optimize your content to match the international audience and standards.

Here’s a list of tips to enhance your international SEO strategies:

Humans Over Bots

Though a lot of people understand English all over the globe, you need to translate your website to the foreign languages. Most people go with bots to translate the language of their website to a foreign language when they wish to spread their wings in other countries. However, it might be the best bet to go for professional human translators over the bots, who might not be able to understand the context like humans.

It’s suggested that you translate the other major elements of your page other than the content, like Metatags, blog posts, and emails. You would tend to have better conversion rate when you have the content and other SEO elements in the same language. It’s worth the wait and money to go for human translators over the electronic translators, considering the benefits that come with it.

Multilingual Keyword Research

You might the value of human translators when you convert something from your native language to English or any foreign language. Oftentimes, a lot of things are lost in translation because of the cultural and contextual variation which the machine might not be able to figure out. It might not be the best idea to stick with the keywords you might be using in one language for another by just translating them.

High-ranking keywords in a foreign language might not even rank in another language, it’s recommended that you do a keywords research for every particular language visitors you target. You’ll be able to find the magic word (keyword) only when you invest a good amount of time in multilingual keyword research.

Localize Your Content and Website

The translation might be the greatest difficulty you might have when you wish to expand your business in other countries. If you wish to be successful in international SEO you should not isolate your foreign customers. Even when you share the same language with the other countries, there’s a lot of communication and cultural gap, like the USA and the UK.

It’s suggested that you design the website in such a way that it goes in parallel with the culture and symbolism. Having a native speaker by your side will help your international SEO efforts and provide better results for your business growth. Make sure that your content is engaging for its users after it is translated into their native language.

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