10 Brilliant Entrepreneurs in Marketing to Watch Next Year

Marketing – never mind it is offline or online, the platform requires an experience, creativity and working knowledge professional to execute out the latest trends and technologies to survive in the competitive market. There will be no any shortcuts or any abracadabra to make the path convenient in order to win the market battle to hold the success story.

The smarter marketers in the industry stand firm and successful in the hot lights wherein they are known as brilliant entrepreneurs in marketing. Appending below is the list of few super-smart entrepreneurs who are making extraordinary things possible and stand in the industry in the top ten list.

Will Critchlow, Founder & CEO – Distilled

Will has comprehensive knowledge and in-depth understanding regarding the multifaceted topics that include but not just limited to machines and mathematics. His earlier post with ‘Moz’ just went beyond the superficial layer. In addition, his post with ‘Distilled’, just makes the things blown away with innovative campaigns that make his brand to stay ahead and unique from others. His recent participation in the ‘SearchLove’ Conference just went wild successful and is on the hot topic even now.

Damon Gochneaur, Founder, Aspiro Agency

Damon showed his guts in order to start his own agency and moved it successfully too. He is also indulged in DFWSEM (Dallas-Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing), which is one of the top local search engine marketing organizations in the states.

Eric Enge, CEO, Stone Temple Consulting Corp.

Eric is one of the good, stand-by and gentlemen in the entrepreneur group. He is a strong dedicated personality who delivers amazing content in his write-ups, added to it he had won the prestigious award of Search Marketer of the year from US Search Awards at Pubcon, Las Vegas and the Landy Awards at SMX East, New York.

Steve Rayson, Director, BuzzSumo

Steve is as the Director at BuzzSumo wherein he is also a serial entrepreneur and an investor. When machine learning becomes the most important strategy in the present marketing trend, it is quite important to the marketers to know about the people’s interest in the content. Steve has proved himself in super research on the content strategy topics that gives an accurate result on what set of content do people have interest in.

Daniel Gilbert, CEO, Brianlabs

Staying one-step ahead with Adword Scripts, Automation, Programmatic Advertising unlike others, Daniel loves PPC a lot. He dominates those mathematics intended fields and survives as one of the top authors on Search Engine Land. Having in-depth insights in the field of PPC stuffs that include but not just limited to enterprise PPC, programmatic advertising et al, he continues to be on the top list of brilliant entrepreneurs.

Jenise Henrikson, CEO, Alpha Brand Media

As the renowned publisher of Search Engine Journal, a top search marketing news publication for enhanced innovation in the field, Jenise participates in SEJ Summit Conferences. She also took participate in the successful SEJ Summit Conferences, and she is the woman personality who give loud voice support in marketing.

Michael King, Managing Director, iPullRank

Michael is one of the hard working personalities and he experiences success in operating his own agency.

Pat East, CEO, Hanapin Marketing

Pat deserves the successful execution of Hanapin and he stood behind the success of Hero Conf, which is one of the biggest PPC events in the world.

Brian Dean, Founder, Backlinko

Brian is one among of the few gems who win in the business. He is a smart SEO professional who created amazing video tutorials and content. His ‘infographic featuring data-backed tips for improving your organic click-through rate’ is a remarkable one wherein you need to check it out this.

Wil Reynolds, Founder, Seer Interactive

Wil is one of the favorite speakers for many people. Adding to the big marketplaces that he worked with, Wil has a special corner that does a lot of charitable stuff and helping homeless a lot especially one among in the area of Philadelphia.

Will, Damon, Kindra, Daniel, Eric, Michael, Steve, Jenise, Ginny, Pat, Brian, and Wil are the top leading entrepreneurs in the marketing. The above personalities in the list also inspire most of the young comes to the market, which is the notable point.

Types of Content Referred by the Brilliant Entrepreneurs


Infographic is a two-part combination, which involves data, and design altogether. It is highly shareable, more catchy for eyes to attract immediately, induce more interest to read through with, and more fun to see to the design elements combined there indeed – all these keep the infographic on the pinnacle when compare to a generic text running blog post.


As the next level for an amazing content presentation, it takes the world to an upgraded version with its’ add-on features of more engaging and more interactive than just infographics. Gifographics is the most preferred one among the customer crew n which it is most optimized to use in smartphone displays and also primed for a big impression in the content marketing competition. As it runs on the format of ‘GIF’ which is graphic user interface by default, it receives massive popularity on the web. Websites like Buzz feed started using gifographics for round the clock audience engagement wherein Facebook just started allowing GIFs in its newsfeeds recently. When considering Twitter, it also actually started allowing GIFs in its page source.

Live Streams

With today’s emerging technology, it is as easy and simple to live to stream anything and why not you for your business. UStream was there some time ago but now companies such as Periscope and Meerkat started developing a mix blend of apps, which can be launched at your own finger tap on your smartphone. However, do you have questioned that how does it execute and how can it set the line above the competitors? But it works on high tactical, it urges readers to read the content immediately of watching now compulsion, allows viewers to get involved with and is made ready to share by one tweet.


Content marketers discuss a lot on how to leverage their content, especially when considering target audience and influencers. Not only for content has had had it related also to guest content indeed. A common response from the marketers that we often hear is that “we would love to help, but then we feel swapped, and so can we get in touch with from the base once again from the scratch”.

Understand the Best Way to Boost Your Mobile SEO

Gone are the days when most people had just the huge home computers to search the internet, technological advancements have made life easier. You can access the internet and do a lot more with your smartphones, like surfing the internet to connecting with friends with social media. You might have to do a lot starting from the site design, speed, and structure when you’re into SEO.

You might be losing out on a major chunk of mobile visitors when you don’t optimize your website to match the mobile platforms. Furthermore, the mobile internet usage has exceeded way beyond desktop internet usage in the last year, if you wish to be the smart entrepreneur, you need to make the best use of mobile SEO for your business growth.

Easy as a Pie Way to Make your Website Mobile-Friendly

Make sure your website is designed in such a way that it can be used with ease on every smartphone, regardless of its screen size and orientation. Some websites are designed and developed just for Android users or iOS user, while it’s suggested that you optimize the website to be used well on both platforms. However, you can also use a separate URL by adding an “m” to the existing website.

Mobile SEO makes your site to be easily discovered by visitors, however, Google will be using your mobile site to determine its ranking. The simple tip would be to make your mobile site to be rich in content and have a user-friendly interface for its visitors. However, you might have to do much better than just good with your mobile site, considering the number of mobile users.

Here’s a list of things you should learn to boost your mobile SEO:

Page speed

Most people don’t have the patience to wait when the page does not load in a matter of few seconds, it might the best bet to invest in enhancing the page speed of your site. Google and other search engine strive in all ways possible to give its user the best experience when they search online. Your SERPs will be affected when your page speed is slow on mobile devices and desktops.

Content of your Page

A great content can go a long way to improve your site’s visibility in the search engine. However, people might find it hard when they are not able to view your content perfectly on their smartphones. Sometimes, you might not be able to read the entire content on their phone as it might be too big or too small, make sure you avoid these flaws to increase your site’s traffic and reduce the bounce rate.

Make your Content to be User-Friendly and Google Bot-Friendly

Make sure your site does not block JavaScript, images, CSS, and other elements which can affect the way Google bots analyze your website. You should make it a point that your visitors get what they are looking for on your website. The web designers strive hard to put themselves in the shoes of the users to ensure they have the best user experience when they surf your page.

3 Ways to Safeguard Your Site Against Negative SEO

You have two ways to improve your site’s SERPs – either to enhance your site by using white hat SEO techniques or use negative SEO techniques to bring down the reputation of the competitor’s sites. It might be a daunting task to enhance your site’s SERPs by using legitimate methods. However, it might be easy to spoil the reputation of your competitor’s site and reduce their ranking.

Most of the black hat SEO techniques are difficult and does not promise assured result, so people go for negative SEO to sabotage their competitor’s performance in the search engine. Negative SEO is for real and is potential to damage your site using aggressive backlink spamming and malicious backlinks. It’s better to be safe with the protective measure rather than being sorry when your site is subjected to negative SEO.

Here’s a List of Methods you Protect your Site From Negative SEO:

Set a Google Console Email Alert

You might be aware of the fact that Google is the most widely used search engine all over the world, you might do a lot of things to improve your SERP in Google. However, you might have little to options when your site is affected by negative SEO. Fortunately, Google has its own Search console to help you prevent negative SEO attacks.

Google Search Console sends you an email alert when your site is infected by a malware. It also lets you know when your pages are not indexed and most importantly when your site is penalized by Google or any other search engines. You’ll be able to sort the issue with your site and repair its SERPs when your site is affected by negative SEO by your competitors.

Perform Constant Backlink Audit

Most spammers use low-quality backlinks to your site which might result in hindering your site’s SERP performance. Performing backlink audits regularly might be the only way to detect and avoid any potential negative SEO strategies against your site. Though there are a lot of tools to spot any new backlinks for your site, it’s suggested that you choose a reliable tool over the free ones.

You’ll be alerted when you have a gained a new backlink or lost a backlink on a daily basis with backlink audit tools, like Ahrefs. Furthermore, you can use Google Search Console and report when a poor or low domain rating is used as a backlink for your site to hurt your ranking in the search engines, like Google.

Check Google My Business

Almost every business is registered with Google My Business that lets you have a close look at the reviews you get online. Sometimes, you might tend to get fake reviews as a part of negative SEO by your competitors, you can report these fake reviews in Google Maps which will eventually be removed.

Oftentimes, fake reviews can ruin your business and your brand reputations, it’s the best investment to spend to some time in monitoring your reviews online.

3 Must-Know International SEO Tips

Are you willing to expand your business to the far ends of the world? It can be possible when you execute just about everything right from your brand awareness to promoting your business to potential customers. It might be a dream come true for some when their business spreads across the globe while it might remain as a dream for many.

It’s recommended that you have a strategy to spread your business other than your neighborhood. The first step to spread your business would be to invest in your website and optimize your content to match the international audience and standards.

Here’s a list of tips to enhance your international SEO strategies:

Humans Over Bots

Though a lot of people understand English all over the globe, you need to translate your website to the foreign languages. Most people go with bots to translate the language of their website to a foreign language when they wish to spread their wings in other countries. However, it might be the best bet to go for professional human translators over the bots, who might not be able to understand the context like humans.

It’s suggested that you translate the other major elements of your page other than the content, like Metatags, blog posts, and emails. You would tend to have better conversion rate when you have the content and other SEO elements in the same language. It’s worth the wait and money to go for human translators over the electronic translators, considering the benefits that come with it.

Multilingual Keyword Research

You might the value of human translators when you convert something from your native language to English or any foreign language. Oftentimes, a lot of things are lost in translation because of the cultural and contextual variation which the machine might not be able to figure out. It might not be the best idea to stick with the keywords you might be using in one language for another by just translating them.

High-ranking keywords in a foreign language might not even rank in another language, it’s recommended that you do a keywords research for every particular language visitors you target. You’ll be able to find the magic word (keyword) only when you invest a good amount of time in multilingual keyword research.

Localize Your Content and Website

The translation might be the greatest difficulty you might have when you wish to expand your business in other countries. If you wish to be successful in international SEO you should not isolate your foreign customers. Even when you share the same language with the other countries, there’s a lot of communication and cultural gap, like the USA and the UK.

It’s suggested that you design the website in such a way that it goes in parallel with the culture and symbolism. Having a native speaker by your side will help your international SEO efforts and provide better results for your business growth. Make sure that your content is engaging for its users after it is translated into their native language.