20 Key Take-out from SEO Meet up 2017 | SEMrush

I have been started attending meetups in India. This is my 2nd meetup which was about SEO myths and fascinating tips to boost organic visibility, Omni-channel content for conversions, and best techniques for local SEO.

It’s a well-organized meetup by SEMrush and the event started at 3.30 pm after everyone had settled in their seats. I feel happy to attend the 2nd SEO meetup by SEMrush as I got a chance to meet numerous digital marketing experts in one place.

SEMrush Game #2 – Keyword Game

The session started with the SEMrush introduction and keyword game. It was really amazing and it’s a chance to enhance our keyword search volume guesses with other attendees like us.

One amazing thing is that SEMrush awarded gifts to those who are all guesses correctly before everyone guesses. Besides, it makes everyone to involve in the game interestingly and as well as it acts a great competitive game between others. Finally, this is a knowledgeable and fun-overloaded game.

Explaining about SEO myths and fascinating techniques to improve organic visibility

Following the SEMrush keyword game, Nitin Manchanda, Global SEO Head at Trivago by profession started explaining his ideas about SEO myths and interesting techniques to improve organic visibility.

During a special 45 minutes session by Nitin Manchanda, he shared key points to enhance organic visibility and SEO myths with the attendees. The notable thing is he often interacted with session members and asked their opinions about the SEO myths that he shared.

Due to this, we can get a mixed ideas and a clear opinion about every myth. Here is a list of SEO myths for you which were shared by Nitin Manchanda,

Myths revealed…

He started explaining his first myth “SEO is a one-time effort”. Following that he shared the following myths,

SEO one time Effort
SEO one time Effort
  1. CTR has no relation with search rankings
  2. Meta tags aren’t any more worth

Here Meta tags include three (Meta title, Meta description, Meta keywords

As we know that Meta keywords tag are no longer worth than before. But, the remaining two has its value in it. Hence, we should write a unique, catchy title, and as well as catchy Meta description said by “Nitin Manchanda”.

Besides, he explained why we should not use Meta Keywords. The reason is that it will led competitors to know your keywords.

The 3rd myth goes here,

  1. Linking from header/footer has the maximum value
  2. Relevancy is the most important factor
  3. Linking the same page multiple times add more SEO value to it

Hence, do not link same pages multiple times

Dont link Same Page Multiple times
Don’t link the Same Page Multiple times
  1. XML sitemap is a ranking signal

[easy-tweet tweet=”Do you think that XML sitemap is a ranking signal? Guess?” user=”keywordspot” hashtags=”#SEMRushmeetup, #SEOMeetup”]

No, right! This is because it lets search engines to know the URLs in your site. But, it impacts indirectly in your rankings. Let’s see the explanation for this question by Nitin Manchanda,

If the XML sitemap is not present, it’s quite difficult to search engine crawlers to know your pages, right. Hence, if you have XML sitemap in your website, then it makes search engines to crawl and index your pages as soon as possible.

Moreover, we can submit our URL through Google Submit URL to let search engines that we have created one page, he added.

  1. Social signals doesn’t add any SEO value

While explaining this myth, he asked everyone their opinion about this and we got some mixed answers. Even though it has no direct value in SEO but it has some impact indirectly.

  1. Paid Search has direct ranking correlation with organic

While everyone is disagreeing this myth, but one of the members of the SEMrush meetup agreed and put his opinion in front of everyone. He did experiment on this and now he is seeing improvements in his project, said by a member of the session.

  1. Header Tags aren’t important from SEO perspective anymore.

What do you think about this Myth? I think you’ll vote for “NO”, right. Yes, we also answered the same. Suddenly, a member from the session stands up and explained “it has impact on user’s perspective” Replying to that person conversation, Nitin Manchanda started explaining its importance as follows

header Tags
Header Tags

“Using header tags improves user experience and lets them to know the level 1 heading, level 2 heading, and so on.

At the end of the Nitin Manchanda (Global Head of SEO at trivago) speech, Julia Aslamova awarded Mr. Saravanan, who got a promo code for a free ticket by his intelligence in asking interesting questions as announced by the SEMrush win a free ticket offer.

Winner Gift awarded
Winner Gift awarded

Here is a list of questions raised by Mr. Saravanan, who is Digital Marketer by Profession.

  1. What is the most intense keyword type in local SEO?

For example, using location in keyword like: “tea stall in Noida”

For example, If I am in Bangalore right now and if I am searching for “mobile app development companies”, then I will get a company which belongs to Bangalore and optimized for Local SEO and if search same thing in Singapore i will get different results.!

  1. How do you manage to get your NEW site ranked among big competitors in your STATE?
  • Publishing high-quality content of good length and adding infographics and videos into it
  • Optimizing content with keywords and optimizing images
  • Improving backlinks profile (Web 2.0, blog commenting, directory submission, social bookmarking, forum and profile links – to increase the number of backlinks) and (guest post & editorial sites – to get the high-quality links).

What else? Let’s drop your thoughts in comments.

  1. What do you prefer the most: Higher rankings on SERP or Better visibility on Social Media?

Both are equal or we can say that it depends: Organic ranking will also give you leads.

Most probably, we can say that it depends on target audience,

Target audience means that the people who are interested in your services or product or would like to buy it.  For example, your company is selling jewelry, so your target audience will be people who are doing job minimum age of 25 years. Hence, you will mostly go with young girls and women because they are more interested in buying such items. And your target will be on business people as well.

Suppose, if you’re selling clothes online and you’re running e-commerce portal for the same. For ranking your e-commerce portal will be tough now because already Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress will be there on top and you can’t compete them at all, and user even won’t go down to 4th and 5th result. In this case, social media promotion will be a better option for you.

Following this session, Jessie Paul, Managing Director at Paul Writer explained Omni-channel content for conversions based on her experience. She shared numerous important points and amongst here are the key takeaways from her speech,

When it comes to content, you should ask the following three questions to yourself,

  • What your content is about?
  • Why should the users read your content?
  • What makes best your content from competitors?

At the end of the session, one member from the SEMrush meetup asked “what is the optimal length for content to be posted on site?

“However, there is no optimal length for a good content and most probably, it depends on the topic you’re going to choose. For promoting products and services, it will be best to prefer videos”, she replied.

Finally, Jaydip Parikh, the CEO of Tej SolPro shared the local SEO techniques. The following list explains his techniques about local SEO,

  1. Google My Business

The first thing you should focus is getting your Google My business page set up.

  1. Local Directories

Here come some examples of local directories,

  1. Just dial
  2. Hot frog
  3. Bing
  4. Rich Snippets

Local Directories

We should reach the 0th position to acquire the featured snippets. Hence, optimize your search engine snippets.

  1. Paid Ads
  2. Voice search

Voice Search

Optimize your business for voice search. However, in these days, most of the users are using voice search to search their products and services on search engines.

  1. Near me

While explaining this “near me” he asked how many of you support agree with this and finally we got mixed answers for this as well.

  1. Barnacle SEO

The most important thing that he revealed is Barnacle SEO. What do you think about Barnacle SEO? Let’s see!!

It’s nothing but linking with big guys to improve your local visibility in the search engines.

The session ended at 5.30 pm and after that we had a group selfie to remember those awesome moments with SEMrush in future. Lastly, members cleared their doubts with the guest speakers by raising questions to them.

7 Hard Truths about SEO in 2018

Would you like to make a big bearing on your website’s organic visibility in 2018? Google has revealed lots of hints about what will have the major sway in 2018.  With so many truths, it is going to be difficult to decide where to focus. To help you with that, here are the 7 hard truths about SEO in 2018.

Mobile-first Index

Google announced in 2016 that it will roll out a new mobile-first index. We can say that it already rolled out its mobile-first index. What does it mean? This means it will rank its results in its search listings according to the mobile version of content. This is not only for the mobile users but also for the desktop users.

Mobile-first Index

Hence, it’s time to put the focus on mobile responsive design and create an unswerving content for both the mobile and desktop users. Finally, be sure that your website is giving a positive experience to the users by providing useful content with good visual.

Machine Learning

As we know that Google started using its machine learning technology so-called Rank brain to improve its search results. Besides, it will help to understand the user query, find the search intent, and selects relevant results from the databases. In 2018, you should focus on two things which include CTR and dwell time. Optimize your organic CTR by prioritizing in the top 5 keywords with below 10% CTR and be sure that your title is catchy and Meta description is appealing.

Guest Blogging

Now, our attention should turn to guest blogging. We all know that the content and links are playing a major role in SEO. Hence, it will be in practice that getting links by means of guest posting. Make sure that your content is effective and is helpful for the users. To add, check for the already existing content that is getting good results and improve it. You can also create an infographic to earn natural links.

Use tools like BuzzSumo and Ahrefs to gather information about which content performing well so you can improve your content to get more traffic.

Say no to “thin and poor quality content”

Google always want to show the useful information to the users in its search results. Furthermore, Google is often changing its algorithm to provide better results and yes it should continue in 2018 and further than. Hence, try to focus more on a particular topic you write. Keep in mind that if you’re writing guides and articles, then make sure that it crosses 2000 words or so. Keep your content updated and relevant to your industry.

Say no to “thin and poor quality content”

Featured Snippets

Nowadays, the featured snippet is all-important to focus. This is because out of 100%, 30% of Google’s search results come up with the featured snippets. Studies have shown that featured snippets will impact the click-through rate of organic results listed below to those featured snippets.

In addition to this, Google is trying to improve its search results and going to implement more information that even makes your organic search listings goes down the pages.

Here are some tips that will help to found you for featured snippet,

  • Update your authoritative content
  • Find the queries that your audience is asking by using tools like Quora, Reddit, and Answer the Public and make content that answers to their questions.
  • One more tip to follow is found out the page one rankings which is not ranked for the featured snippet and optimize your content to occupy that place.

Voice Search

In this tech-centric world, voice search is not an exception and not an exclamation too, right. According to the recent study, voice assistants will gain more popularity in houses by 2022. If the voice search is not in your game, then try optimizing your content for voice search.

Follow the same steps that we have discussed in a featured snippet to make your content work on the voice search.


Google already started giving preference to the videos and if you’re not taking on video marketing, then it’s time to do. There are more ways to explore videos include product demos, explainer videos, testimonials, webinars, and interviews. Ensure that you’re sharing your videos to platforms like Dailymotion, Vimeo and some other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and much more. Along with this, your concentration should be in earning natural links by means of useful and engaging videos.

Hope you understand what SEO strategies will work in 2018 and what things you should do to keep your business up. Make the best by remembering the 7 hard truths about SEO.

5 Psychological Studies That Will Boost Your Brand

Succeeding in the online businesses is a nightmare for every online marketer. Understanding the audience behavior and psychology will help to know your audience even better. Besides, you can understand when and why they should reach out your brand. Most of the marketers believe that discovering the psychology of human collaboration on your brand and social media will help to get some quick improvements. Here is a list of 5 psychological studies that help to boost your brand and make you to better understand your audience.


Create curiosity by showing some interesting things about your brand and let them eagerly wait to know what it is. For example, create an interesting video about your brand story and touch people’s curiosity. This makes to create eagerness of your brand which in turn you can enhance the awareness of your brand.

awareness of your brand

As we know that our mind will urge and cause a mental itch until we know what the particular thing is. Hence, if you want customers or your audiences to read or click on your product, first create a curiosity and then later make to check your product and ensure that they satisfied with that.

Get Feedback and Give out stuff for free

Getting feedback on your brand and products/services play a crucial role as it will help your audiences to understand your brand even better. The next thing you should concentrate is to give people what they’re looking for and make sure it matters to them.

Moreover, getting feedback on your brand will even help you to develop business better than ever. Hence, ask your audiences about your brand, what makes them land on your brand and what’s right and wrong about it. Move further to build your brand by means of customer feedbacks and give them what they want.

Besides, people always love to get discounts and offers for what they want to buy. Do you agree with this? Yes, right! Hence, try to offer what matters more to them and make value for their money.

Establish Trust

Another great weapon to boost your brand is trust. Generally, we reach brand which is trustable to buy things, right. Our brain is wired to understand stories so it’s good to use testimonials, highpoint customer problems, and so on. You can do things what builds trust with your customers. This is because trust is the biggest weapon to drive more customers and generate leads to boost your sales.


Moreover, it also matters where you’re placing your testimonials on your website. Do you think that reviews will work out for your brand? Yes, of course. Let’s take you as an example, let’s say that you’re going to make a purchase of home appliances, the first thing you’ll do is deciding the brand, right. How will you do that? Hopefully, you’ll decide your brand by means of popularity and trust of that brand. How can you make your brand trustable? Giving out the exact products or services that people wants and meets their expectations, right. Along with this, placing testimonials about your brand on social media and some other platforms will help to create awareness of your brand and as well as trust.

Stay in the Forefront

Creating popularity among our brand is most important. It makes sense to the people over our brand when compared with the others. This is because in these days people turning towards to the popular brand. Why? The reason behind this is that the positive customer experience and the good feedback of your brand.

Always stay in the forefront by building the confidence of your brand with your customers. Transparency is the key to build confidence amongst your audiences/consumers. As we know that everyone would like to know the real make of the products so if you’re making public how your products made, then it will create some trust and helps to boost your brand.

Making Demand and Exceed Expectations

Majority of the online sellers always makes an offer to sell their products in a huge quantity by making a demand for their products over the people. This makes people rush over the products in a short span. By this way, you can make them curious about your brand. This even helps to build trust and make your brand even more popular.

Making Demand and exceed expectations

Branding is always important to your business, right. Hence, as a business, your main motive is not only to make profits but also build trust in the audiences of your brand and make them promoters to promote your brand.

6 Key Success Factors behind Uber Growth

Before the implementation of taxicabs, it’s quite difficult to move from one limited transportation place to another, right. After the introduction of the taxicabs, we’re feeling comfortable to reach the destination in a simple manner. Besides, this is the best option for those who are living in limited transportation areas and who don’t know driving and as well who wants to ride without driving themselves. Taxicabs were introduced after the development of automobile increases in number. Alright! Let’s see what the key success factors behind Uber growth.

Before jumping into the key success factors, let me give an introduction about Uber.

History of Uber

History of UberIt was first founded in the year 2009 in San Francisco, California. At first, Uber started as a transportation corporation that employed licensed drivers to run its services.  Later, it has been introduced non-taxi driving rideshare services to develop its business. As we all know that the main aim of this process is to connect the riders with drivers of vehicles to reserve/book the taxicab. This benefits more riders as they can know where their taxicab is currently in by tracking the cab with the help of the mobile application on their phone.

Here are the 6 key success factors behind Uber Growth,

Problem Solver for Riders

Uber acts a great solution for the riders. How? It allows the riders to ride in the way they want and at an affordable price. Moreover, Uber has planned to improve its taxicab industry to give more trustworthy services. It’s providing its services to the users effectively by providing clean, on-time ride, good customer experience, and accepting various forms of payments. To add, Uber is now accepting payment from the riders through their credit card.

Perks for Drivers

Not only the riders are experiencing benefits from the Uber taxicab transportation network industry but also the Uber drivers are experiencing benefits. It’s providing job opportunities to the qualified drivers and connects them to the riders who want a safe ride at a reasonable price.

Word of Mouth

We all know that the power of Word of Mouth. This is also one of the main key success factors of Uber. As discussed earlier, Uber noticed the lack of quality taxicab experience in the San Francisco area so it implemented their service in that area and build a basement for their taxicab service. Later, the tech community people started spreading the news as Uber provided services when they’re in need and as well as in the way they want.

Lighthouse customers

Uber has started implementing its service in the San Francisco and this was a brilliant move as a part of its marketing success. It targeted the users on the tech community by conducting tech events. Later, those early adopters or lighthouse customer started to use this service. Uber made this by means of conducting events and providing free rides to the community members.

Disrupting old industry

Uber is continually trying to improve its taxicab experience by implementing quality ridesharing services and providing quality customer experience at a reasonable price. Moreover, it owns more black cars in the San Francisco than before. It is becoming more popular all over the world by providing good customer experience and valuable rides at good prices. It’s being a great riding service for those who are into the limited transportation services.

Demand for Cabs and Price Rising

Another key factor that is behind the Uber growth is Price Surging. It means that the demand for taxicabs increases in some cities and the cost of the Uber rides also increases. Most of the riders don’t escalate the increase in the price of its service. Remember that, most of the major cities have nightlife and if any natural disaster occurs, then everyone wants to take care of them to reach their home safely, right. Uber made it by providing its services to the users in a single press of a button.

Demand for Cabs and Price Rising

These are the 6 key success factors behind the Uber growth.

Final Verdict

It’s true that the introduction of taxicab changed everyone’s life and especially, it’s helpful for the people who are in a critical situation of lacking transportation services. Uber has made the riding experience even better by integrating mobile application so riders and drivers can contact easily. Besides, it allows riders to know exactly where their taxicab is. Often, it’s providing more offers and introducing new techniques to promote its services everywhere. These are the factors that made Uber achieve success in its industry.

What is Files Go by Google?

Struggling to free up space on your android mobile? Would you like to use the best alternative for a file manager? If yes, try “Files Go by Google” to experience a new feel in managing your files on the go. Let me tell what exactly the Files Go by Google is?

Files Go by Google is a storage manager introduced by Google for the Android users. This newly released android file storage manager is a godsend gift to all the mobile users as it helps to find the files faster and free up the storage space. Besides, it allows sharing files offline effectively in a secure manner.

Why Files Go?

Managing files on our phone are such an annoying task that we’re facing often. We might strike in deleting apps to free up some amount of space because we don’t know which app will free up the needed space for us, right. Now, you can easily overcome these annoying tasks by means of Files Go.

Why Files Go

Google recently released an app so-called Files Go, which is for managing files and freeing up the storage space on your phone.

Once you’ve installed and open the app, you can see the amount of storage used and remaining storage on the home page. Following that, you can see some feeds instructing you to free up space. They are as follows,

  • It lets you know the low-resolution media and memes
  • Duplicate files
  • App cache
  • Large files

Moreover, at the bottom of the app, you can get the files tab which includes downloads, Received Files, Apps, Images, Videos, Audio, and Documents.

Notable Features of the Files Go by Google

Here are the notable features of the Files Go by Google,

Get alerts

This app will notify you when,

  • Your phone storage is low
  • Apps are unused for more 30 days
  • Your downloaded files are taking up more space
  • Duplicate files are taking up more space

Find Files Faster

It allows you to find files faster without even looking for photos, videos, and documents on your phone. It uses filters to find the files which are having low resolution and occupying more space.

Share Files Offline

With this app, you can easily share your files such as pictures, documents, apps, and videos on your phone with others who have installed Files Go on their phone.

Share Files Offline

  • It’s free to share files
  • Save your Mobile data
  • Speed up to 125 Mbps


It’s good at the performance and security level as it takes only 6MB of storage space on your phone. I think it’s not that much big, right. Besides, the most important thing is that it does not have any malware or bloatware to affect your phone.

Secure File Transfer

You might feel that while sharing files through offline will let you face security issues. But, the actual thing is your files will be shared securely with WPA2 encryption. If you’re searching for the best secure file transfer app, then the File Go by Google is best.

Cloud Storage

Want to store files in a safe place forever? With the Files Go, you can back it up your needed files on the cloud or on a Google drive for keeping forever in a safe place. This will help you to back up your photos, documents, and other files even you lost your phone.

Know your Used Storage Space

Worried about finding how much space you’ve used and how much is left on your phone? Don’t feel worse. With this app, you can easily find the used space and free space remaining on your device. Moreover, it allows you to easily transfer files from your phone storage to the SD card from the apps itself.

Free up space on your phone

Have you ever wondered to free up space on your phone in just a few taps? Now, it’s quite easy by means of Files Go. Yes, it allows you to free up as much space on your phone in few taps by deleting memes, old photos from chat apps, removing duplicate files, clearing temporary files, erasing unused apps, and much more.

Clever Recommendations

This app lets you delete the files from your phone before you storage space is running out of memory by providing helpful recommendations for files to delete.

Final Verdict

Use this App to free up the storage space on your phone in just a few taps. Besides, Google reveals that an average person can save space up to 1 GB in a month by using the newly released app by Google. Would you like to try it? Just visit Google Play store and install it to explore File Go by Google.

The Ultimate Guide to Brands Succeed with Social Media Marketing

Would you like to see a little improvement in your social media marketing? Thinking of what techniques will work for big companies? Do you think that improving your social media marketing is difficult? Let’s continue reading to know the best ways which will help you to improve your social media marketing and finally, you can get the desired results.


Do you think that Hashtags play well to succeed in social media marketing? Let’s see. Yes, it will. If you see on the social media, most of the successful brands shared their content with Hashtags.

Let’s take KitKat as an example,

KitKat uses their tagline as a Hashtag starting from Twitter

KitKat uses their tagline as a Hashtag starting from Twitter to G+. Hence, the consumers of this brand share their photos with “HaveABreak” This will aid this brand to get more engagement. Hence, while using the Hashtags, choose the unique and specific one. And, yes, make use of the trending tags related to your business.

Building Brand Communities

Every brand realizes that things get work once they communicate with their fans directly. Hence, they started creating brand communities on their sites. How will you create a branded community on social media? Let’s read.

  • Know your audience well
  • Know what they want
  • Promote user-generated content

Facebook Cover Photo

Yes, your Facebook cover photo also matters. Create an attractive Facebook Cover Photo to promote your events. However, it’s quite simple to change the FB cover photo even though if FB comes up with cover photo guidelines.

Facebook Cover Photo

Keep active your YouTube Channel

If you believe that video plays a major role in your social media marketing strategy, then make use of it by maintaining an active presence. The best idea is to add useful videos on a regular basis.

Keep active your YouTube Channel


Be sure that your Approach Works

Not everything will work for every brand, right. Hence, you should evaluate your social media strategies and pinch it. If your strategy is good, then you’re not getting proper engagement, then you should analyze your plan again to know what went wrong and how to improve it.

Engage with your Followers and Fans

People will expect solutions to their problems as soon as possible when they contacted the one who is responsible for that. Nowadays, people are increasingly depending on social media to get support for their product and service-based problems. Hence, responding to your followers on time will positively impact on likes and shares.

Don’t miss out Anything

Nowadays, you can use each social media channels to your brand development, engagement, and more. The study shows that Instagram is getting the fastest growth and receives the 15% social engagement of the Facebook. Do you want to miss out the followers and fans from Instagram? No, right! Use Instagram to engage your audiences.

Dark Post Approach

Currently, Facebook dark post advertising becomes the best approach. So, why don’t you try it to succeed with social media marketing? Facebook dark posts will help you to focus on the right audience so there might be no chance to miss out your audiences.

But, before diving into it, do A/B testing and implement your strategies. If you plan well, then hiding Facebook ads with dark posts will work great for you.

Engage Followers’ Friends on Social Media (Twitter)

As we all know that if a follower shares any discount offers or deal with their friends, then it will impact positively on your brand outreach, right. Hence, try to extend your follower’s personal networks to keep the existing customers and to add new ones as well.

Keep in touch with Public Conversations

Joining to the relevant public conversations will help you to succeed. Hence, start a reply to the conversations that are relevant to your business will be helpful for you to extend your reach.

Ensure that you maintain brief Facebook Updates

Studies have shown that Facebook updates in a brief manner receive more engagement. Hence, it’s a great idea to keep your FB updates has been mentioned within 40 characters even though it allows you to add 63,000 characters.

Ensure that you maintain brief Facebook Updates

Launch New Products

If you’ve launched a new product and want to promote it, then the best place to go for is the social media. If you search on the social media, you can see most of the brands sharing and promoting their products to get more followers and to increase the engagement. Just try it out!!

Launch New Products

Maximize your Positive Comments and Minimize the Negatives

In these days, online is becoming a great medium to reveal problems and find solutions for that. If your brand or company receives any bad or negative comments, try to reduce it by resolving the problem faced by the consumer.

Let’s take a look at the following scenario,

A parent of a girl who missed her birthday party due to late pickup of OLA cab tweeted about the incident on Twitter. Then, OLA approached that girl’s parents and sent her birthday cake and Rs.1000 Voucher to apologize for that incident.

To add, OLA sponsored that girl to ride everywhere within New Delhi for free.

By this way, you can minimize your negative feedbacks and turn it into positive to extend your reach and increase engagement.

Navigate users to Landing Pages

Did you know? A landing page is the primary part of any marketing strategy. This is because it provides you the chances to which page you want your users to land. Use the power of social media to make users to share your feeds easily.

Optimize YouTube Videos

YouTube is a go-to platform when it comes to social media marketing as it’s the 2nd largest search engine.

To get the maximum exposure from YouTube, optimize your videos with proper title and Meta descriptions.

Know when to Tweet

However, this is the most important thing that you should follow if you want to succeed with social media marketing. There are no fixed timings that you can tweet and share your posts on Social media. One thing you can do is trial and error method. Keep watching your followers and their engagement to find the right day and perfect time for a tweet.

Question on Facebook

Do you agree that questions are great conversation starters? If yes, then you’re on the right track. Hence, it’s a great idea to tie either a post or pic into a question about the trending topic or an event.

Return to an Update and Event

Editing your Facebook updates and event will help you to let people know your contests or giveaways are legit. Hence, if you conducted a contest and when the time comes to announce the winner, then it’s good to edit the post with the winner name.

Respond to Tweets from your Followers

Simply posting on the social media won’t help you anymore. What can you do? One thing you can do is responding to the tweets from your followers will help to extend your reach and increase the engagement. Besides, this will help you to build trust and as well people can come to know that someone is there to care their problems.

Respond to Tweets from your Followers

Make use of the short URLs

Instead of directly using the original URL of your post, use the short form of that URL which will help you to extend brand recognition. You can use the tools available on the internet to create a short branded URL.


When it comes to conversions, the call-to-actions play a crucial role. Hence, ensure that you’re using the proper call-to-action to get significant responses from your fans and followers.

Valued vote from fans

Social media is the best place to learn about your audiences. This is because there are numerous creative ways you can follow to know about your audiences wish. Creating a poll to vote for any post or events and receiving comments to your post will help to know more about your target audiences.

Wish for wish lists

Wishlists acts as an effective way to create more engagement with your followers and audiences. There are more creative ways out there to engage your followers and ask them to give in to something on their wish list.

Explore vine videos

Vine Videos help you to get more engagement and to reach out your audiences. If your vine video is great, then you can get more followers and shares with the help of social media marketing.

Explore vine videos

Yield High Return

As you all know that “the more you share, the more you can get in return” so you can more followers and you can increase your engagement level.

Notable days of the year

Write effective content and publish it to your social media account. Notable days of the year will afford you topics for the content. Discover ways to link your brand to notable days of the year and write related posts to increase your brand’s visibility and reach.


In these days, most of the online businesses are making use of the social media marketing to make the best. Following these tips and tricks will help you to succeed with the help of the social media marketing strategy.