10 Simple Ways to Measure the Efficacy of your Content

10 Simple Ways to Measure the Efficacy of your Content

Nowadays, content plays a major role so it’s all-important to create a more appealing content which is shareable by everyone. Do you want to know how well your content plays around everywhere? How can you know the effectiveness of your content? Let’s read.

There are 10 metrics which will aid you to measure the usefulness of your content.

Website Traffic

Website traffic is the first and most effective metric to be used to know the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy. How? Measuring the traffic of your website over time will help to know how effective your content is. If the number of visits to your site increases, then your content is good. On the contrary, if your content is getting fewer visits, then you should post more content and as well as effective content to your site.

Make use of the Google analytics to know the real-time users of your site. Besides, you can see the data for whatever timeframe or date range you want.

Subscriber Growth

The second step to do is monitoring your email subscriber list and tracking its growth rate on a regular basis. Write informative content that educates the users and makes them subscribe to your email list in order to retain them to your website or online business.

Here is the formula to measure the Subscriber growth,

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Search Rankings

Following the above two effective metrics, the search rankings take place the third position for tracking your effort in your content marketing strategy. Every marketer would like to rank their website on the first page of the search engines. If your content plays well and ranks in the search engines, then it’s a worthy content to share.

You can use some tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz to track your rankings in the major search engines.

Time Spent on a page

Did you know? Based on the time that users spent on your site you can know how useful your content is. You can analyze the time spent on each page and as well as the average time spent on a particular page of your website. How? Use the Google analytics and measure the average time spent to know how to improve your content.

Time Spent on a page

Increase in Social Media Followers

Once you’ve done your content, make sure that you’ve shared it through social media channels to make it more appealing to the users. Alright! How can you measure the efficacy of your content through this metric? It’s quite simple. Track the count of your social media followers regularly as the rise in the number of social media followers will show how effective your content marketing is.

Track Social Media Shares

As we discussed earlier sharing useful content will make your content go viral. Keeping an eye on the social media shares helps you identify which content plays well with your target audiences. Hence, ensure that you’re tracking the number of social shares and shares by other channels, shares earned by every piece of content, and yes don’t forget to monitor the website traffic generated by each channel.

Track Social Media Shares

Increase in Links and Authority

You’ve probably heard that content that gets natural links shows the effectiveness of the content. If your content is earning natural inbound links and gets mentions, then it shows the usefulness of your content marketing. With the good content, you can build relationships in the form of links which in turn you can see improvements in the domain authority of your website.

Tools to Monitor DA:

Use these tools to measure the DA of your site in an effective manner.

CTR (Clickthrough rate)

Make use of the CTR to know how your content plays through various channels. Besides, with the help of this metric, you can know how useful your content for your target audiences.

You can get to know the CTR of your page for search, social media, and email with the help of some tools.


  • Search – Google Analytics
  • Email – Reports provided by the Email Service Providers
  • Social Media Channels – Analytics provided by the specific networks

Number of Leads

Each and every online business has some goal to achieve. Businesses want to generate leads to improve their sales. If your business generates more leads, then you can know the efficacy of your content marketing. Remember to use the landing page reports in Google Analytics to know from which page the audiences are coming to your site.


Last but not least, the last metric to be used for measuring the usefulness of your content is to make use of the feedbacks. You can get feedback on your content through various ways include blog comments, email, reviews, and so on.

Follow the aforementioned tips to know how your content plays amongst your audiences.

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